About us

Revolutionising and redefining how our country and the world looks at honey. At Honey Hut, we are passionate about the buzzing saviours of the world and the superfoods they produce. Join our hive and transition to a healthier way of living with our pure, cruelty-free products like honey, pollen and other wonders from the hive. Our products are eco-friendly, natural and conform to the world's best quality standards. Putting forward a socially vibrant and invigorating experience where knowledge meets taste, we are passionate about each drop of honey, where it comes from and how it reaches our table. With Honey Hut, we hope a little of that passion drips into you.

It started with a Bee


First Flagship Store - Shimla

Started our journey to redefine everything with our first flagship cafe in the winter wonderland of Shimla.


Opening of Lakshman Jhula Outlet

Opening our next experiential cafe in the heart of the 'Yoga Capital of the World' was a given and right by the famous Lakshman Jhula was the perfect spot.


Opening of Ram Jhula Outlet

Located right next to Parmarth Niketan, our third cafe opened in Ram Jhula Rishikesh.


Opening of Sonipat Outlet

Our fourth cafe opened in O P Jindal University, Sonipat. The perfect place for an experiential cafe where honey is the champion ingredient.
a jar of honey next to a jar of honey


Revamping Honey Hut

Being in tune with the current times, we did a complete overhaul of the website, brand language and our products to only bring you the best from the hive. We launched our premium acacia honey in a beautiful apple jar bottle followed by the most underrated gem from the hive - bee pollen.
a close up of a sign with a bird on it

January 2024

Honey Hut Merch

Championing the cause of saving the bees, we launched our line of casual, chic and gender-neutral merchandise with a classic yellow hoodie. Followed by a spacious and eco-friendly tote bag perfect for storing all your essentials. The best part? 10% of every merch sold goes to our beekeeping academy as proceeds to nurture the art of beekeeping among locals.

May 2024

Cafe Honey Hut, Greater Noida

Located in the posh and verdant society of Jaypee Greens, Greater Noida, we opened our fifth cafe on 11th May, 2024. It Is a cosy and vibrant space teeming with bright bee illustrations and hive-related knowledge.

Our mission

Consciously sourced and collected from the hive in a cruelty-free manner, Honey Hut was founded on the philosophy of bringing the world this golden liquid in its natural state.We are not only responsible for nature, but every drop of honey that bees produce and the beekeepers who toil away in the apiaries to bring this wonder liquid to your home.

We test every jar of honey to ensure only the choicest of it goes in our bodies. An excellent alternative to sugar, honey is not just an elixir of life but the very first sweetener of civilisation.

Our Vision

To be a pioneer synonymous with all honey and honey-based products exemplified in a one-of-its-kind concept café and experiential store.To facilitate the discovery of a new marketplace redefining honey as a staple elixir.